I was a new, stay-at-home mom who needed to work part-time, but didn't want to be paid $8 an hour. I'm so glad I found VIPKid.

I never in a million years thought I would be teaching the English language part-time to students in China every morning. All I need is a Bachelor's Degree and experience with kids. I don't have to plan curriculum, they provide the training, I create my own schedule and there's no minimum or maximum work-time requirement.
I have been with VIPKid for two years and it has been the most rewarding experience for me and my family.

Work From Home for Real Money

At first I thought it was a scam. I heard about VIPKid from a cousin of mine who was also a stay at home mom. I had been down the pyramid scheme rabit hole a time of two so I was apprehensive of a job that claimed to pay $20/hour, was work from home, and was set your own schedule. It seemed too good to be true.

But I knew if my cousin did it, it must be reputable.

I decided to apply.

And then got an interview 48 hours later.

After one week, I was teaching my first student.

Two years, 920 classes, and 286 students later I am still using VIPKid as a way to provide for my family from home. Even as a photographer.

I have paid off debt, paid for vacations, paid for Christmas presents, and helped my family during uncertain financial times with my VIPKid side income.

Here's what sets VIPKid apart from other part-time jobs- it requires a Bachelor's degree.

So... what do you do?

Unlike teaching in regular B&M schools with 20-30 students in a class per hour, VIPKid is a tutor-like program where you teach a Chinese child (age 3 to 13) for 25 minutes, one-on-one.

You receive $8-$10 per 30 minute class and can make up to $22 an hour. The best part is you get to set your own schedule and be your own boss. All the lessons are provided for you and all you need to have at home is a computer, headset with a mic, and a couple of toys for props. Props can be hand-made, from Dollar Tree or Amazon (anywhere), and there are so many resources and online communities ready to help you every step of the way.

Do you know another stay-at home job like that?

I have had some truly special students these last two years. It is not only a great fit for those looking for a way to make some easy side-money, but it is a great fit for stay at home moms who want to do something that helps get their minds off of taking care of littles.

When I began working, my second child was born and I knew I had to do something for my sanity. And I was missing my old income from working outside of the home. This was a great marriage that helped me honor my desire to stay home, but have something that was just for me. I was so proud to tell others I worked as an ESL teacher with VIPKid! In addition, most of the employees were also moms so the community was understanding and helpful with tools and tips for work-life balance.

Two Years Later

Now that Life Stage Photography is off of the ground, I now do VIPKid seasonally for times like Christmas, slower photography times of the year, and if we have financial goals. My mother-in-love (Hi Momma!) now teaches with VIPKid in her retirement. She was just hired two weeks ago and now has almost 40 classes scheduled! There is such a need for teachers and so many Chinese students are looking for virtual learning.

Is this something you could see yourself doing? I highly recommend it!

It never hurts to apply ;)