More than just taking pictures.

I wear many hats in my life- all of which influences how I capture the essence of your family and business. As a wife, I can celebrate the oneness of getting married and starting a new life together. As a Christian believer, I understand and have compassion as I encourage my families I work with who need bereavement services. As a momma, I can empathize and bring understanding to the stress of getting children ready for photo sessions, needing to breastfeed during a newborn session or bring encouragement that,

"Momma, you are doing a good job!"

As a licensed cosmetologist, I can recommend color palettes, style guides, and keep you and your family looking your best during your session!

As an entrepreneur, I understand the need for affordable, yet quality services to leave your best impression on potential clients so they can become life-long clients.

I have learned that the "why" is more important than the "what".

Photography & Media Creation is more than just taking pictures or throwing together a graphic- it's a way I serve others. It's a part of me that will never go away as long as I live. I am passionate about families and businesses telling their story well.

Meet the Family

Trav & Mal

Married since 2014, these Kool Katz have a passion for serving in the local church and were former youth pastors. Cultivating a family that can serve as a role-model is their priority, but with the understanding that no one is perfect and life is a journey.

Favorite Fun Thing: Going to Applebees after 9 for half-priced apps and watching shows together before bed!


This girl made her daddy and momma parents! Gracie is a ball of light with a sensitive spirit and the heart to help momma with her brothers. She is always ready to share with strangers how "Jesus lives inside her heart"!

Favorite Fun Thing: Watching "shows", putting on play make-up, and jumping in muddy puddles like Peppa Pig.


Staying alive is the name of the game for Bubba. He regularly tests his limits with momma and daddy, but comes right around after Evel Knealving something to check in with momma for a quick hug and kiss before starting his next adventure.

Favorite Fun Thing: Asking for a banana and then leaving it on the floor somewhere for momma to step in later.


Still discovering he has hands, Link-Ohln (as our Venezuelan friends call him) loves to cuddle, play with bright colored toys that make noise, and be held. Though the newest one in the family, he is getting the hang of being part of the Bracht clan. He is our Charleston "Promise" baby.

Favorite Fun Thing: Momma.


Became a photographer at a local portrait studio

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The day we became one with each other

& Jesus in

Oklahoma City, OK

Listen to How I Married my Youth Pastor


Became parents, opened Life Stage Photography

& graduated with B.A.

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Our family felt led

to move to

Charleston, SC

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Covid hit & Rebranded offering newborn sessions.

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Jan 2021.

Founded my digital design & media business, Bracht Digital Designs

Listen to How I Married my Youth Pastor

March 2021.

Opened LSP sub-brand, L.S. Business Photography

Nov 2021.

Merged all three companies under one brand- Life Photo & Digital Design!

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